Monday, 29 April 2019

7 Desserts Around the world

Add this to your meal cataloque-7 desserts around the world. 

How to cook White Soup (Ofe Nsala)

White is one of the best soup. Its a healing soup. Most women that just delivered take the soup to heal their womb. Most cooked with chicken or dry fish.

How to make Banga Soup.

Soup that cause one to salivate. Native soup of Deltan and Igbos. Learn and share for others to learn.

Oha Soup Recipe.

Oha soup is also vegetable soup of its kind. Also nutritious and delicious. Best cooked by the igbos in Nigeria. You eat the soup with semovita, garri and fufu (cassava flour)

Bitter Leaf Soup Recipe

One of the best nutritious soup that heals. Bitter but sweet. A typical native soup of the Igbo speaking people of Nigeria. Share your ideas.

Afang soup recipe.

Learn how to cook AFANG Soup. Very delicious soup. When you taste the soup, you will be cooking it always.

How to make Efo riro soup (Spinach soup)

One of my best soup. Learn the recipe. Hope you will enjoy it and pass the knowledge to others. Thanks